10 Ways to Grow Your Practice Now

Apr 30, 2015
If I had a gardening philosophy it would be, leave it alone, it will grow on its own. I water but rarely fertilize, weed, or prune. Sometimes this works and sometimes not. My garden, left alone produces weeds; the plants are stunted and unproductive. Unlike a practice, if my garden does not produce it does not affect my livelihood or impact the health of my community, it’s only visually unappealing and less bountiful.
Have you been guilty of the leave it alone, it will grow on its own philosophy in your practice? For some illogical reason, Doctors often stop utilizing proven strategies shortly after hitting their benchmarks. This is crazy, because to sustain growth it is always important to pay attention, nurture, and never stop doing what produced success in the first place.
Practices, like plants, need nurturing and care to thrive. When untended, the demise is slow and insidious; the effort to recover can be costly. The solution is to be vigilant; review, analyze and adapt to produce predictable and sustainable practice growth. If the practice is failing to thrive, fear, indecisiveness and doubt become pervasive. It is hard to take action and implement success strategies if you are being overtaken like a weed choked garden.
Healthy gardens started with a great foundation followed by the right care and nurturing tend to thrive. A wise gardener has patience. A gardener understands if they do the right things, they will be rewarded with vibrant and healthy plants. Practices that struggle, failing to grow and flourish have stopped applying the basics, nurturing, weeding and pruning as required.
Last year I planted a day lily in rich soil and it failed to bloom. Through the winter I continued to tend to it. This spring I gave it new soil and nutrients even though I was tempted to pull it. I decided to wait because even though it had not bloomed it appeared healthy. Waiting was a good decision because last week it started blooming magnificently. Sometimes plants, like a practice or an employee will take time to produce. Providing the basics, on top of a good foundation are enough to grow and flourish.

Success Tips to Nurture and Grow Your Practice

If you are frustrated with your lack of growth, your practice needs evaluation, strategic care and attention. If you are consistently experiencing challenges you cannot seem to permanently solve, isn’t it time to take action before they become too costly or irreversible?
Successful practices experience growth when efficient systems, consistent attraction of new people, healthy retention, and referrals are mastered. To be successful you must hire and retain highly qualified, motivated, efficient, and engaged individuals.
Growth is inhibited by the inability to execute, lack of accountability, lack of knowledge and expertise as it relates to achieving the next level of practice. Drama, chaos, stress, high turnover of patients and employees, produce low profits and failure to thrive. People desperately need the care you deliver; success of your practice is necessary to impact the health of your community, and your success benefits everyone.
Grade the following areas on a scale of 1-10 (10 is the attainment of perfection and mastery) Create an action plan and a deadline to improve your score.
Practice reflects my purpose
Personal, employee, and family satisfaction/fulfillment
Systems, procedures, policies
Referrals and retention
Team efficiency, accountability, skills and motivation
Internal Marketing
Community Outreach
Education strategies
Money, profit and insurance dependence
Imagine finally feeling free and fulfilled; your problems solved and your practice growing. Raise your score in each area so you, your family, team and practice members will enjoy all the benefits. Take action to care and nurture your practice, identify what needs weeding and pruning to stimulate a healthy growing, vibrant practice.
You have the power to grow, now harness it,
Dr. Shawn
P. S. I am here to help you. I work with Doctors just like you so you can grow and live a phenomenal life. If you have any questions about coaching and mentoring, my products or services to help you grow, call me at 512-306-1844
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