12 Reasons Why You Need to Blog Now and 11 Strategies for Blogging Success to Grow Your Practice

Sep 30, 2015
Eighty percent of Internet users are searching for health-related topics, right now.
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The majority of these health-seekers tend to be affluent, well-educated and female, the ideal chiropractic practice member. Would you like to attract more of these people into your office?
Because you have valuable knowledge, experience and information the web is the perfect place to reach those searching for answers. Blogging shares your unique point of view. Your blog can be a voice of reason and a resource. With a blog, you can reach people 24/7, offering thought provoking content, answers and solutions, they will not find in the allopathic world.
As your content serves others, it will benefit your practice. Great content will be shared and promoted, and will be a source of referrals, retention and opportunities.

12 Reasons Blogging Is Good for Your Practice

Read on for twelve more compelling reasons why you want to start or become more consistent with your blog, now, and eleven strategies for blogging success to grow your practice.
Your community is online right now searching for answers (according to studies by Pew Internet & American Life Project and Solucient.)
    • Consumers aged 25-34 years were 80% more likely to search for health information than adults over 65.
Topics most commonly searched for are:
    • 63%  specific disease or medical problem
    • 47% particular treatment or procedure
    • 44%  diet, nutrition and vitamins
    • 36%  exercise or fitness information
    • 28%  alternative treatments
    • 21% depression, anxiety or stress
Increase your communication skills and your ability to educate.
Increase your influence.
To empower others.
To increase the awareness and profile of your practice.
To build trust and credibility.
To increase your authority and expertise.
To share your experience, thoughts, beliefs, paradigms and solutions.
To establish your influence and leadership.
To mentor.
Permission marketing builds your list, your community of readers, and grows your practice.

11 Strategies for Blogging Success

Blog on your own website to maintain 100% control and post the blog on places in cyberspace you don’t own or control.
Create great and compelling titles.
Open up strong, stimulate engagement and be relevant to your audience.
Use images and occasionally videos (legal, no copyright infringement, please).
Focus your blog content to be congruent with your expertise and the ideal patients you want to attract and serve. Content on health and wellness, athletes, lifestyle, potential, stress, healthy children, pregnancy, fertility, natural solutions, healthy aging, solutions for chronic conditions, nutrition, inspiration, research and benefits are popular topics.
Make it easy and fast to read or scan by using numbered lists and bullet points.
Be consistent, once a week is best.
Be brief, 500-700 words or less.
Engage and build your list. Send a special report or eBook to subscribers.
Decide if allowing comments interests you. Remember someone needs to be monitoring and answering comments and questions.
Regularly send your subscribers something special as a privileged subscriber.

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