3 Big Chiropractic Ideas to Grow Your Practice

Feb 04, 2020
If you want to grow your practice without major stress or wasting time and money on things that don’t work, this is for you.
If you implement even one of these 3 big ideas, I promise you will see results. You do not have to struggle.
Today’s update and video will introduce you to my 3 Big Ideas that will help you cut through the noise and distractions and grow your practice. The best part? These are ideas that you can implement NOW, they are not technique or location specific, they work for my clients all over the world. Are you ready?

1 – Own Chiropractic

This one is listed first because it’s so essential. By taking ownership of your practice, knowledge and power of chiropractic, you are planting seeds to affect your future. You need to believe in yourself and your knowledge fully – people come to you for your expertise, so it’s up to you to make sure chiropractic is part of the core that is you.
Having an unconditional relationship with chiropractic, in other words, absolute, faith, confidence and belief in the science and value of chiropractic, will be an energy and force people gravitate to. Recently a client attributed the doubling of her practice to this very essential, learning to own chiropractic.
If you need help, may I suggest, study the research, take classes, and there are so many books that I would consider essential reading, to help you, your practice members and your team. I love Heidi Haavik’s The Reality Check. Check out the video for more book recommendations as well.

2 – Avoid System Subluxations and Create Powerful Systems That Work

It’s so important to have the right systems and processes if you’re going to grow your practice and succeed in changing lives the way you want to. I’ve been doing this for decades, and I’ve seen enough practices that struggle or simply stop growing because they don’t have the correct systems in place.
The solution is to create systems, that help you get the results you desire. Most important, the entire teams needs to commit to those systems and avoid system subluxations.

3 – Know Your Numbers

You’re in chiropractic to help others, but your practice still needs to be profitable if you’re going to continue to do that and be able to grow to do even more. So, it’s key to track numbers, since they let us know how we’re doing in terms of reaching our goals. Numbers tell us where we need to focus and fix what is not producing.
The only way to know all this and make informed decisions is to keep an eye on your numbers, so, like with our specific systems, we can assess and adjust as needed.
Now you have 3 Big Chiropractic Ideas, and if you want more got to the video for detail. Watch below so you can start implementing these ideas into your practice now:
3 Big Chiropractic Ideas to Grow Your Practice
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This week will be powerful and purposeful.

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