3 Steps to More Testimonials Trust is Vital to Your Success

Sep 08, 2022

We all know people only do business with people they know, like, and trust. As a healthcare provider, your trust factor is vital to your success. A measure of your trust factor is the number of referrals and testimonials you consistently receive.


Testimonials and referrals are a 5-star reference for your practice. They are a form of social proof that decreases skepticism, concerns, and hesitation for a prospect considering whether to trust you with their healthcare.


There is magic in testimonials. They increase retention because when an individual shares their experience, it reinforces the impact of care and increases their commitment to continuing care.


I recently did a video on how to get more testimonials to help more people, and you can watch it here.


In my experience, within days of a testimonial, practice member start referring even more friends and family members.


Testimonials boost your reputation and credibility because others share their confidence and satisfaction in the care you deliver, increasing your ability to be trusted.


The bottom-line testimonial will grow your practice while you’re helping people get healthier, and it is one of the fastest ways to increase referrals, retention, and revenue.

If your referrals and testimonials are low, you have a problem. Before moving forward, assess the quality of your intention and mindset, systems, practice member experience, education, communication, and leadership, and fix any deficits.


Correct any issues before implementing a testimonial strategy because otherwise, you are wasting your time.


Assess where the subluxation exits in your referral system and fix it fast.

Decide to increase testimonials and set daily goals.

Implement effective strategies for referrals. (Always be mindful of your licensing requirements)


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