6 Tips to Consistently Exercise: Movement is Powerful

Mar 15, 2020
Do you want to move more? It is time to get up and get moving. What’s your purpose for wanting to exercise more? The people you serve need your energy and your gifts and your health is imperative. Here are my top 6 tips for you to get up and get moving.
1 – Have a Purpose and Start Small.
Know what you want to achieve and start small to ease into a consistent routine and be able to be more successful in your commitment.
2 – Schedule It.
Listen, we’re all busy. The best way to make sure we’re getting our regular exercise is to plan when we’re doing it and stick to it.
3 – Find an Accountability Partner.
Your accountability partner can be someone who exercises with you or you keep your promise to. Having someone that can hold you accountable is both important and motivating.
4 – Find Something You Love.
I love doing Zumba since it’s fun and gets my heart rate up. One thing I don’t like doing is upper body weights, but I know I need to do them, so I started listening to Audible while doing it. By linking something I don’t like with something I do, I’m able to power through it. Decide what you love and what needs to be done to pair the “other stuff” with something desirable.
5 – Be Consistent.
Whether this is one day or three days a week at first, make a plan and stick to it. Choose whatever motivational tricks you can to reinforce it, like marking off completed exercise on your calendar. I know sometimes things come up that can affect this consistency, so build in a plan for that too. Make a promise that if necessary, you can skip a day, but no more than that. This promise to yourself will give you a buffer when the unavoidable happens but will honor the commitment.
6 – Make the Cost of Not Exercising Greater Than the Cost of Exercising.
There are many ways you can do this. For example, tip 3 is about having an accountability partner. You could tell this partner that if you miss a week, you owe them $100. Or tell yourself that if you don’t exercise, you can’t watch that new Netflix premiere until you do. In short, make it painful. Come up with situations you actively want to avoid, and you’ll find it motivates you to stick to your plan.
Before you go, I have two bonus tips for you:
Reset the Counter.
Sometimes you simply have to reset the counter to zero and embrace a new day when it arrives.
Don’t Break Your Promises to Yourself.
Whatever it is you’ve committed yourself to doing, stick to it. Not just for the health benefits, but so that you can stay true to yourself and what you promised you would do every day or week.
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This week be powerful and purposeful.

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