A Good Day

Oct 08, 2013

To set the tone for your week I would like to recommend taking a valuable five minutes and watch this:

"A Good Day" With Brother David Steindl-Rast

This week as you focus on creating good days, please take a moment to evaluate your use of time. How are you investing your time, what are you expecting and what outcomes are you focused on? Do you have a plan for success this week? I want to remind you that we are in the last quarter of the year and it is the perfect time to evaluate where you are, what needs to be done now, and get clear of how you plan to finish this year? You might choose to implement something that you know will make you and your practice better or maybe the choice will be to stop doing something that is no longer effective, beneficial or fulfilling.
This week decide how you will actively promote. People need help, are you available and are you and your team ready? How many new people do you plan on meeting this week? Remember offering the family checkup and consistent friends’ and family days are powerful tools to building a family practice. Get involved outside your four walls and more people will get involved with you. How many new are you expecting, wanting and prepared for? How many reactivations do you expect and how do you stay in touch with those who are not currently active in the practice?
CA empowerment is a key to developing a stronger practice. What will be the focus of your performance enhancement session this week? Are you finding your CAs saying and doing what you expect and more? Are you recognizing and appreciating them? Work on strengths and encouraging their mastery, redirect, correct and teach as needed.
And so I wish you that you would open your heart to all these blessings and let them flow through you, that everyone whom you will meet on this day will be blessed by you, by your eyes, by your smile, by your touch, by your presence. Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. And then it will really be a good day.
Have a fabulous week,
Dr. Shawn

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