How You Can Remove Interference to Increase Momentum and Growth

Feb 27, 2018
Remove the Blockages at your practice to attract the clients you want
In my experience blockages and barriers in practice are a lot like subluxations, they interfere with performance, normal function and potential. Blockages and barriers come in many forms. Some things to look for: lack of systems, systems breakdowns, team challenges, communication issues, no or low new practice members, poor retention and personal behaviors.
For your practice to thrive, it’s important to identify and remove any blockages. When your practice is free of these barriers, energy flows and you experience momentum with growth.
This one could be a little more sensitive than the other blockages, but it is possibly the most important to address. Your practice manifests your beliefs, drives, and passions. So too do your “flaws”. If you feel negative, resentful or pessimistic, there is a good chance that this is negatively affecting your practice.  If you aren’t happy with your team it will affect everything. You don’t mean for your personal issues to affect your success, but they do.
Adjust and correct by focusing on:
  • Developing yourself by doing personal foundation work
  • Controling negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Acknowledge them, resolve to replace them, redirect them, control or interrupt them
  • Focusing on what is working, what you do have and what is good and how to make more of this happen
  • Strengthening your leadership and team development skills
Communication blockages occur in every aspect of our lives. You might have them with your team, loved ones, or friends. They derail conversations and may result in miscommunication and hurt feelings. Poor communication hurts your practice.
Adjust and correct by focusing on:
  • Connection and rapport skills
  • Developing deeper relationships and knowing the “whole” of your practice members
  • Being clear, concise and avoiding ambiguity
  • Team communication with effective feedback loops
  • Being real, kind, supportive, empowering and understanding
It’s frustrating when, no matter how hard you try, it seems you just can’t connect or get through to an individual. I had a situation like this and decided to refer him, thinking he would be a better fit for my friend’s practice. This person thrived at this practice and still continued to refer to me. A win-win for all of us.
Adjust and correct by focusing on:
  • Is it possible to change your perception?
  • Asking better questions
  • Knowing they are there for a reason
  • Remembering the most challenging people often turn out to be the greatest practice members
  • Referring to another DC as a last resort
You have a solid practice, yet finding new people is a wall that you can’t seem to get over. In my experience, this often happens insidiously, requiring an immediate assessment, change and strengthening of your marketing plan.
Adjust and correct by focusing on increasing attraction:
  • Serve don’t sell
  • The number of new people you attract is dependent on the number of effective activities you employ
  • Create systems that deliver uncompromising quality care
  • Is your comfort zone affecting your reach, is it time to be more active than passive?
Power Up Your Practice
  • This week commit to identify your blockages and barriers
  • Adjust the blockage or barrier the same way you would correct subluxation: assess, create a plan and follow it
  • Re-exam, determine progress and adapt the care plan as necessary
  • When you slip and the blockages and barriers creep in, take immediate action
  • Focus on prevention
If predictable growth and the freedom to enjoy your life is the goal, taking care of these blockages and barriers will make it so. Now you will experience a healthier practice with greater potential, momentum and growth.
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