Keys to a Powerful and Profitable Practice

Nov 24, 2020
Keys to Powerful and Profitable Practices
There was a time I was helping so many people AND still struggled financially.
It didn’t make sense… sick to my stomach, anxious and frustrated watching the bills pile up.
My family said things like “money is the root of all evil” and other unhealthy beliefs about prosperity.
So, having smart business systems and strategies were not on my RADAR.
So important to understand PROFIT is not a dirty word and is GOOD for everyone.
Indeed, being profitable is the only way you can stay in practice to change lives.
Maybe profit isn’t a issue but the spizz is missing, practice feels flat, passion is missing or stress us leaking your power. Been there, done that…..
Nothing worse than having a service that impacts the health of humanity and struggling to be able to pay bills, feeling powerless, bored or unable to care for your family or be capable of philanthropy.
So much better providing a service that changes lives, LOVING what you do, AND being able to make money doing it, right?
In this video you will learn 3 keys to have BOTH “Powerful and Profitable Practices”
Intention to serve…..objective to EARN (in return for the value you provide) is the way to go.

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