Land of Love

Jan 02, 2013
I sustain myself with the love of family.”  — Maya Angelou
I have spent the last eight days with my family, in what I call the land of love. There are many generations, some of us more kindred then others and the thread that holds us all together is love.
I appreciate my family, especially how welcoming they are to others, their generosity, the willingness to pitch in and get things done and mostly the joy of being together and celebrating. From the little ones to our wisest members we know how to have fun, to agree to disagree and to always say I love you. Over the years we have lost many of our loved ones, we have experienced divorce, illness, marriage, births, challenges and successes.  We are a resilient family. In good times and bad we are a family who can whip up a feast and delight in breaking bread together. When I return home in a few days it will probably take me a month to recover from the feasting! We are blessed and full of gratitude for what God has provided.
It is apparent to me that my family exhibits many principles to follow for your practice success. Be open, accepting and available, be welcoming, get things done, be generous, be resilient, appreciate others and lend a hand without being asked, have fun, honor and respect others, agree to disagree, love and be thankful.
As you read this I hope you are in your own land of love and taking time to count your blessings. I appreciate your service to others and to chiropractic.
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Wishing you a Happy New Year, and may God continue to shower you with many blessings,
Dr. Shawn

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