Mastering the Power of Workshops to Improve Service, Retention & Referrals

Mar 04, 2019
“You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight to our hearts.” -Cochise, Chiricahua Apache
Education is the key to changing our world. Studies reveal that knowledge empowers, boosts engagement, shifts behavior, and improves outcomes. By creating workshops and providing education within the walls of your office, you’ll increase results, retention, and referrals!
You have the opportunity to be the voice of reason that our world so desperately needs. Education will help your community understand why chiropractic care is essential—and not just for people who suffer from back pain.
Help change behavior and perspectives. Using your core knowledge of science and function, you can improve outcomes with chiropractic tools. As doctors, we know that chiropractic care is relevant for everyone who has a desire for a healthier life and improved brain function, and it’s our job to share that message!
Who doesn’t want a healthier brain and body?
What parent wouldn’t want this for their child?
Take 30-minutes out of your day to start brainstorming ideas for the kind of weekly workshop you would like to offer your community. The tiny details will fall into place later; write down a simple outline to get started!
Imagine an office filled with empowered families who are actively participating in chiropractic care, living extraordinary lives, and expressing their God-given health potential.
The science, art, and philosophy you provide is invaluable. It is time for you to create and consistently present workshops to teach your community how to make better choices and health care decisions.
Teaching workshops will establish your office as an expert resource in your community. Your workshops are a tool to communicate knowledge and build credibility while supplementing your influence and impact. People need to hear what you know!
Provide your practice members and guests with an entertaining, inspirational, and educational experience. You have no right to be boring! Master the art of speaking, but remember, any workshop is better than no workshop at all. Take comfort in knowing that the first one will be the most challenging. The more you put yourself in front of that crowd, the better you’ll get.
-Engagement increases learning. Involve practice members, acknowledge them, and encourage them to share their testimonies.
-Use interactive demonstrations and exercises.
-Master the art of marketing! From title creation to the way you speak and showcase your skills, your presence will speak volumes.
-Record your workshops for continued cross-promotion on your website and social media platforms.
-Do not try to teach them everything you know. Keep it short & sweet! A thirty-minute workshop might be all you need to deliver value, inspire attendees to return, and spark a conversation so that your guests will be hungry to learn more.
-Create engaging titles to increase attendance. Stay focused on ADIO (health comes from within, subluxation affects the brain, organic function & health, subluxations are detrimental to your well-being, etc.).
-Nothing is more powerful than a story. Use this authenticity to communicate your points effectively.
Building a basic workshop is a great place to start. You might like to include the following:
  • A signature story
  • An explanation of what health is and is not
  • How symptoms are a gift
  • Information about subluxation & its causes
  • An overview of innate intelligence
  • The science behind how our bodies work
  • The importance of safety
  • A deeper understanding of ADIO
  • The determinants of an outdoor lifestyle
  • How children can benefit from chiropractic care
  • What to expect after chiropractic treatments
Remember, the basic workshop is something everyone needs to hear, usually more than once. You can develop a variety of workshops or create a series for unique niches or advanced practice members. Always keep the central theme focused on chiropractic/ADIO.
When it comes to creating workshops, don’t be afraid to get specific! I have created a series for marathon runners, moms, seniors, special needs children, and more.
Every time you teach, you know more, have more experience, and can share new practice members’ success stories! By educating, inspiring, empowering and engaging your community through workshops, you will impact lives and grow your practice in the process.
The first step is to get started. The second step is to stay consistent! Are you ready to support your community with the knowledge to help them make better decisions for their health?

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