Summer Growth

Jun 03, 2013
Summer scene
Remember as a child, the first time you experienced something unfamiliar?
Our experiences shape us. As long as I can remember summer equates to new experiences, leaving the habitual, the familiar, the comfort zone. As a “city” girl growing up I would visit my gma’s farm in Michigan in the heart of an Amish community.
Farm life was vastly different and the Amish way of life even more unfamiliar. People who lived without electricity, the simple clothes, bearded men with straw hats, a horse and buggy as your only mode of transportation and the best homemade cinnamon buns in the world; left this city girl wide-eyed with wonder.
I learned how to drive a tractor, before I knew how to drive a car, how to feed hogs, bale hay and eat a tomato, right off the vine, like an apple. I conquered my fear of the dark, walking a country road at night without a streetlight or flash light. On the farm most of the experiences were fun and joyous but others exposing me to a harsh reality I never would have experienced in the city.
Our experiences shape us.
As we “grow up”, many people get into a habit of saying no to new experiences, preferring to live in the familiar, their comfort zone. Comfort zones can limit our personal and professional growth. Summer is the sound of an ice cream truck, the opening of the pool, the family picnics, weddings and fireworks. Summer for many means vacations to unfamiliar places, people and food.
Summer is a great time to grow to be exposed to the unfamiliar, to get out of your comfort zone, to look at the world with the wide eye wonder of a child.
Today here are five practical applications for summer growth in you practice.
Scheduling Strategies People are inclined to have a schedule change in the summer. Have you asked everyone if they need to change their day or times? Are their multiple appointment calendars accurate for the summer? Remember if they understand the value they won’t miss their checkups. Summer is a great time to have family members checked, expect referrals to skyrocket. If someone will be out of town, when appropriate, help them understand the importance of adapting their schedule. This is especially important in the first year of care. You have the power to influence their decisions for the greater good of the family’s health.
You Vacation is for renewal and personal growth. Please go and enjoy and get out of your comfort zone. Do not fret about your practice; it will be there upon your return. Come back healthier, happier and with more life experience, inspired to serve. If a teammate is gone this is a great time to cross train, become more thankful for your teammates and see if you can simplify any procedures.
Celebrate and Surprise Plan a few days with summer treats, experiences and events. Have an ice cream day, put out fruit kabobs, and flavor the water with the bounty of the season. Create a friends and family picnic or BBQ. Have a postcard contest such as who sends the office the prettiest, weirdest or from the farthest away. Referral contests are always well received in the summer. Offer advanced workshops or a series of workshops related to family health. The point is something different, just to say we appreciate and celebrate you!
Summer School What are you always putting off learning, reading or implementing? Set aside a few “school” hours. Learn it, create it and or implement it. This is a great article and The Powersource Coaching Success library is a great resource always available 24/7 to PowerSource Coaching clients.
Evaluate How is the year to date? Are you enjoying it as much as you planned, is your family happy, are you reaching the goals as quickly as you desire, is it stress free and smooth? What do you need to commit to, fine-tune, tweak and or eradicate? In six months will you have lived the year you wanted? WE GET WHAT WE TOLERATE. Please stop now and create what you desire. You can have it the way YOU want it, uniquely and beautifully you, like no other.
I love and appreciate you for always endeavoring to be your best, giving your best and because you are the best!
Dr. Shawn
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