The Benefits of Taking Time Off

Aug 09, 2022

When was the last time you had a vacation? I know that owning a practice can make one hesitant to take a break. I’ve been there!


In a recent Facebook live, I shared how vacations stimulate practice growth and why taking them is an intelligent business strategy. (you can catch the replay below)


If you are in a GROWTH mode, the idea of a vacation seems crazy, right?


Who in their right mind wants to interrupt momentum? The truth is taking a vacation increases MOMENTUM.


If the practice is FLAT, taking a vacation seems like a terrible idea, you might even feel undeserving of time off, and all you can think about is the need to get off the plateau and grow.


In decades of practice and coaching, I know the TRUTH about the positive results of vacations.


✅ practices grow before and after vacations

✅ scheduled breaks produce the best results

✅ the best vacation is a scheduled one

✅ the best vacation type and length is congruent with you, your family’s needs, budget, and style

✅ taking a break will improve the current status of the practice, relationships, energy, perspective, and so much more


Watch the video to learn why taking a vacation will help you and your practice.

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Watch the video here

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