The Power of You

Apr 23, 2012
Right now, close your eyes. Yes really, now close your eyes and take ten deep, slow breaths. This will immediately bring fresh oxygen into your brain, you will feel more relaxed and clear minded.
What could you accomplish when you feel more relaxed and clear minded? What could you accomplish if you decided to utilize proven strategies to train your brain for success?
If you participated you just did a mini meditation. Meditation
changes your brain for the better. It is a proven strategy successful
people employ. Meditation actually changes the structure of the cortex
and increases thickness in regions of your brain associated with
attention and sensory processing.
In your practice you have the ability to influence, empower and support others to make better life choices. You have the power to save and to change lives. The choices you make about how you care for yourself are vital.
Your brain and body needs care and tending, Practice what you preach. To be your best and to lead by example you need physical and mental activity, a healthy diet, a stimulating environment and enough sleep.
Success Tips
Decide to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day,
Have a hobby that you find stimulating.
Attempt to engage all your senses as often as possible.
Meditate or practice yoga at least three times a week.
Take Omega 3’s, and just like your mother told you, eat your veggies and fruit.
Sleep at least 7-8 hours and as much as possible keep the same hours.
Every week get checked for subluxation and adjusted accordingly.

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