Want More Confidence and Certainty?

Feb 05, 2022
Do you get frustrated and tired with the ups and downs in life and practice?
Would you like more confidence and certainty, less stress, and overwhelm in your life?
Of course, we all do.
Imagine waking up every morning, being in control, powerful, knowing you can conquer any challenge and manifest your dreams.
Stop imagining and make it so with these three mindset shifts.
Your mindset is a valuable and vital tool in creating the life and the practice you want.
Our mindset shapes our experiences, how we see ourselves, the world around us, and most importantly, dictates our results.
You have the power to create what you want if you decide to take charge of your mindset.
You can choose to shift three states of mind right now to get more of what you want with confidence, certainty, and ease.
1 – Stop Waiting for “Normal” to Return
Normal is overrated. The only constant in life, pandemic or no pandemic, is change is constant. Change will happen whether you want it to or not; you can only control your response.
Choose to be prepared. Take control of your mind so that you can consciously respond to change and uncertainty.
Stop waiting for “normal” to return. Change is and always has been inevitable. Be prepared for the unexpected, embrace it, and learn to be grounded despite uncertainty.
2 – Stop “Shoulding” on Yourself
Should haves or when and then – when this happens, then I’ll do this, or when this occurs, then I’ll do that – this type of mindset causes inertia and procrastination.
When you procrastinate, you suffer. Lack of action affects growth.
When you’re stuck and feel that inertia is overcoming you, the best thing you can do is get help and support and learn how to ask quality questions.
“What’s my next step? What can I choose to do in this moment? How can I create the greatest impact right now?”
The moment you decide that you will act is when you’ll start to see significant changes in your life and practice.
One of the essential pieces of my coaching is to help people stay in effective action, avoiding the disastrous effects of procrastination.
3 – There’s No Time Like the Present
Have you ever said, “Now’s just not the right time.” or “I’ll do it when the timing’s right.”?
Maybe you’ve been waiting for everything to be perfect.
Yep, me too, until I realized focusing on perfection was paralyzing and inhibiting.
Often people wait until they feel ready or wait until the “stars” are perfectly aligned. This “perfect time” does not exist.
Know in every fiber of your being that right here, right now is a perfect time.
Take control; master your mindset, and start creating the life and practice you want.

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