Who’s in your Circle?

Mar 21, 2019
You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
Strategically surround yourself with people who will accelerate the accomplishments of both your professional and personal goals so you can go further, faster.
Recently, sitting in a board meeting, I was mindful of the variety of backgrounds, connections, strengths, passions, and approaches that contributed to the power of this board. Every person was essential in accomplishing the mission at hand.
There’s a significant chance that you have cultivated an inner circle that’s comprised of people you can count on no matter what. They are the ones who will power you up when you feel doubtful, afraid, hurt, or hopeless.
These people are honest, and you can always trust that their motives are for your greater good. They are your cheerleaders in both good times and bad. They are your foundation and sometimes your lifeline.
In our ever-changing world, isolation and loneliness are now considered to be at epidemic proportions. You need an inner circle now more than ever.
Life is better, and success is more attainable when we associate with people outside our usual circle—especially with people who are “connectors.” These are people who know people, and they’re also connected with organizations and resources you might not know about or have access to. They love connecting others for the mutual benefit of everyone.
These people are masters at introductions. As I mentioned at that recent board meeting, we have a variety of connections and associations, giving us connection power beyond that of an individual. When we create a vast network, we better serve our mission as well as those we connect with.
You never know who a connector might be. We all need connectors in our lives.
We all need people who lovingly push us, people who pull out our greatness and help us move up our “mountains” easier.
These people are our leaders, coaches, and mentors. They are the people who help us move out of our comfort zones. They prevent unnecessary hesitation and doubt, calm our fears, and they stretch us to increase our knowledge, skills, and abilities.
The right Sherpa, coach, or mentor will be an accountability partner, often the catalyst for accelerating the accomplishment of our aspirations, moving us further, faster.
When you cultivate your inner circle, connectors, Sherpas, coaches, and mentors you can expect greater levels of fulfillment and success.
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