Why You Should Think of Marketing as Life Saving Rather Than Selling

Feb 20, 2018
The public typically only associates Chiropractic with back pain.  You understand the value of chiropractic beyond back care and pain relief, but what are you doing to increase the awareness in your community? A marketing plan increases awareness, loyalty, and attraction of more new patients.
Perhaps you’ve tried marketing before and didn’t see the growth you had hoped for. Maybe you’ve spent money on a marketing campaign in the past but saw no measurable results and became disillusioned. As a Doctor, you may find marketing challenging and distasteful; after all you want to be a doctor not a salesperson, right?
The reality is that, if you have a practice, then you also have a small business, and small businesses require marketing. In the words of Mark Cuban “no sales, no company”.
In order to help you be more successful, I’d like to steer away from “traditional” marketing strategies and focus on mindset, relationships, and attraction.
A key component in creating a successful marketing strategy is to think about what you do and why.  So, when creating a marketing plan, the question to be asked, is: why did I become a Doctor of Chiropractic? For most, if not all of you, the answer is, to help and contribute to the healthy and optimal lifestyle of each and every patient. You understand the value of chiropractic, so you can begin to see marketing as helpful vs. offensive, life saving vs. selling, essential vs. optional. Focusing on your “why” will make marketing your practice much easier.         
Practice success is to know your patients well, hear their stories, hopes, dreams: to know the whole of them. They become part of the chiropractic family you are caring and serving. Your patients will want to share with their friends and family how great you are because of the relationship you’ve created.
You want more people to know about the positive change you’ll create in their lives. So, let’s change the language of marketing from “selling” to “serving”. This is why creating a marketing plan is essential, so more people know about you and your service.
After you remember the “why” of what you do, start to ask yourself “how”. Your “how” is measured by the number of effective activities you engage in to promote your practice. Stayed tune for more strategies in future blogs and join me for Power Up Tuesday Facebook live.
Connecting, educating, and empowering your patients with knowledge, developing relationships, and contributing to their decisions about their health, you’ll begin to attract more new members and improve retention.
Marketing can be fun and easy when you’re sharing your passion and enthusiasm for a service that you know literally transforms and saves lives. As you can see, this form of marketing is far from selling, and is actually serving others.
Power Up Your Practice
What will you do this week, to attract more new people and increase your retention?
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