Your Life is a Reflection of Your Thoughts

Apr 12, 2012
Every well-built house started with a definite plan in the form of blueprints.
– Napoleon Hill
Whatever we think about comes about. You know this is true, both good and bad. If anyone in the office has a subluxation from the neck up, you notice will notice increased cancellations, a shortage of new people, things will be difficult and mistakes and mishaps will happen. We get what we think; our life is a mirror of our thoughts.
Remember the last time you were all on fire, on purpose, ready and prepared? Reactivations, new people and MIA’s were all showing up and “getting” it. Practice members had friends and family with them that wanted to be checked and followed through with care. Time seemed to suspend, records were broken and everything seemed easy.
Your world is a reflection of you. Be willing to focus on the good, the possibilities, and the fun. Make a habit of being in a state of grace and gratitude. Decide to learn more, improve your skills, and get help when needed. Pay attention to what is working and what you can control. Be honest with yourself, understand that if you do your part, especially when it seems hard, or to be taking longer than you think, your dreams will come true.
Consider taking time to review these power questions to accelerate your journey.
What do you want more of?
What do you want less of?
What thought patterns do you need to eradicate, create and believe in?
What do see in your mind’s eye?
Do you need to schedule time to meditate, journal, pray and or visualize?
What actions are necessary to support your dreams?
How will you maintain your belief and dedication to the dream, even when it seems difficult?
Who will support you?
Remember that there is never a shortage of new people, money time or talent. There is never a shortage of people who want regular chiropractic care and never a shortage of people who are willing to pay for what they see as valuable. Dreams do come true, to those who believe, act, prepare the way, and have a great support team.

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