How to Attract New Clients

Feb 24, 2020
Continually bringing in new patients is vital to the ongoing success of your practice. Still, many people in chiropractic – or any business – don’t know where to start to attract new people.
I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and believe it or not, the first steps in effectively drawing in new clients all begin with one simple 3-letter word, why.
Get Clear About Your “Why”
Knowing your why is powerful and effective in attracting more new people into your office.
Why do you want new people, anyway, to help them, right?
What happens if they don’t come to you? Connect to the devastating consequences of an unhealthy nerve system and the challenges people face if they do not get your care.
The Power of Ideal Practice Members
You also need to identify your ideal practice member to know what to do to attract them into your office.
When you know your ideal client, you can strategically create the environment and strategies specific to the people you want to attract.
Now is the best time to get your message out there, because there is just so much opportunity.
I have clients who get a lot of business through Facebook, while others see the most significant gains from workshops or events. You need to know who you are, who you want to work with, what you’re willing to do, what works for you and go for it.
Next, Plan Your “How”
Once you know who you want to serve, it’s time to take active steps towards attracting these people to your practice.
Focus on the “active” aspect. Passive activities alone won’t bring in new people.
Active things that you’re in control of – and can get engagement in – things that get you in front of people. This is where a calendar of activities comes into play. The focus and theme of your calendar are essential, and it’s helpful to have daily activities planned. These are things you’re actively doing in your practice: Table talk, handing out research, running events, family offers, and anything else you do that allows you to engage with people.
It’s also important to honestly evaluate these activities. If you’ve been doing something that you think is going to bring in new practice members for a while, and it still hasn’t, stop wasting your time, energy, and money.
Here’s a simple tip to get started: Look at your last 30 or 90 days, and you will see what your most common source of new practice members are. And there’s a good chance that your primary source is referrals. Remember when I said how vital relationships are to your practice? This is the proof.
You may learn that your next most effective source is workshops or events you’ve hosted, Facebook Lives, and so on. Your takeaway then needs to be to use these strategies to keep your momentum going and even increasing the attraction from these sources.
Power Up
To sum up, first define your “why” – why you want to serve people, why you want more new people. Then, armed with that knowledge, move on to “how” you’re going to accomplish it, based on your strengths and most common source of new people.
You will learn that the number of new people you bring in is directly proportional to your desire to serve people and change lives.
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This week be powerful and purposeful.

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